5 Things I WANT!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

1. Has to be my long wanted and very expensive Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
This is bag has been on my list to buy for a while now, but I am scared to waste around 
$975 on it. (You know I can probably buy fast food for two years with that money) Do I want it? Yes! Do I need it? n- Yes! Am I saving for it? Definitely. 

2. Canon EOS Rebel T5i
This camera is everything I need to take great pictures for myself. My friend has it and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's quite expensive too but I think it will be a great investment for a long time. And the great thing about it is you can wait for it to come on sale. Why buy it full price when you can wait for a sale and save $100? I'm all for it.  

3. Boy Chanel Flap Bag 
  Can we seriously talk about how perfect this bag is and lust for it because it's crazy expensive! This bag ranges from $4000-6200 'dass expensive'. It would be a Christmas miracle to own one of theses bags. I am seriously making a huge commitment and a seriously one because this bag is gorgeous. And every girl deserves to have a Chanel bag in one point in her life. So if I would have to make a decision to buy one, it will go to my MOM because I adore her and I know the smile that she will have cross her face will be a beautiful sight to see. 

4. Marc Jacobs Watch 
Everyone and their mother has a Michael Kors watch let's change the trend my friends. Everyone doesn't need a Michael Kors watch, don't be afraid to search for another brand. Not that everyone needs a Marc Jacobs watch either but still I'm pretty sure there are other brands of watches in the world. And if not a Marc Jacobs, a Burberry watch sounds extremely nice too. 

5. Christian Louboutin Chain-Midsole Red Sole Ankle Boots
I recently found these online and I don't know if they are limited edition or permanently but the moment I saw these boots Oh my goodness! LOVE at first sight! I have been trying to find the perfect ankle boots and I wasn't expecting to find these and at price ($1,645) but these are perfect. But I am going to fight temptation and find another pair of shoes because 'dass expensive'.

Anything you WANT but don't really need. Let me know! I want to see what you guys are saving up for or what you just want to window shop for. Comment, share, follow! 

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