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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Batalash for Sauce BoxCosmetics. This palette has eight eyeshadows and is limited edition. My first swatch of this palette I was impressed by the pigmentation of these shadows. They are also huge in size carrying 4g each 0.14 oz. Divided in two rows are four matte finishes and the four pearl finishes for a pop of color. They are very blendable and feel smooth. This palette is $60 usd but I got it on sale for $48. I waited till it was on sale to get it because it's expensive. I have never tried anything from Saucebox but if the pigmentation is this good, I will be trying some more. Sadly I think this isn't for sale anymore. But if you want me to find some dupes let me know!

Vanilla- is a off-white color. This is the shadow I'm most impressed. I thought it wasn't going to be very pigment because most white shadows are very sheer and don't really swatch well. But this one does and I'm really loving it. 

Winter Brown- is a taupe brown. This is a good color to blend into the crease. Also it can be a used to contour because it's a cold-toned brown (pale skin). 

Cinnamon- is a reddish brown, this color looks great on people with brown eyes. But of course other eye colors could use it the same. 

Lace Noir- is a very deep black. It is very pigmented and isn't like other black eyeshadows that are sheer and patchy.

Enigma- is a reddish burgundy with a orange undertone and shimmer. This shadow kind of reminds me of makeupgeeks shadow in flame thrower. 

Electro- is a lime green color with a yellow undertone and shimmer. Using a black base under this shadow will really make it pop. 

Popper- is a teal blue color with shimmer. This color is kinda of sheer but using a base with most of the shimmers will  really complement the colors. 

Nova- is a purple color with shimmer. I really like this color. I really don't wear bright colors but using this shadow to create a smokey purple eye is heaven! 

Overall this palette is great and I love how the girls of Batalash really took their time figuring out the colors and not making a neutral palette but incorporating color. 

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