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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The world revolves around Kylie Jenner and her enhanced lips. She released her own lip kits and it sold out under 9 seconds..? And they were selling for over $300 for people that didn't get their hands on them. I was lucky in the few and managed to get them the first time. So I'll break it down for you, each lip kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner. They cost $29 plus $8 shipping. The liquid lipsticks claim to be highly pigment, long wearing, and moisturizing. The lip liner are creamy and very comfortable making it easy to use. 

The three new shades have a different formula than the three original shades. I love the new formula it applies so smooth and feels like a satin finish so it's not drying at all. 
The original formula is drying but I think the color and pigment of these liquid lipsticks made up for it because it is completely unique. If you are able to purchase these but don't know which ones I would recommend Posie K, Candy K, and Mary Jo K. These are by far my favorites from her collection. 
 The lip liners are exactly what they claim to be and very nice to wear by themselves. (They are also flammable, don't ask lol) 
I will come up with a dupe post, as soon as I find the perfect dupe for everyone that doesn't want to waste that much money on these.

These are the latest shades...

Candy K is a soft, warm nude.
Dolce K is a medium beige nude.
True Brown K is a deep chocolate brown.
( I do not have True Brown K)
New Shades:
Koko K is a pale, pinky nude.
Posie K is a dusty, mauve pink.
Mary Jo K is a true blue red.

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